If your personal and marital property is extensive, then it is important to have an attorney who is experienced in finding the property, getting the proper valuation, and ensuring that the division of the property is just. Division of property is not always equal. There are many factors that go into the proper valuation and division of property. Attorney Pete Roush has the experience to ensure that you get your property rights.
Complex valuation includes hidden assets and gifts among other things that could force a divorce into litigation if an agreement cannot be made. Respected and experienced attorney Pete Roush has negotiated and litigated these issues for the last ten years.

The law firm of Roush & Stilz, has the ability to call upon investigators, appraisers, and forensic accountants to support and conclude your case. These experts can testify to the true value of property and ensure that you will get what is yours. Pete Roush has a network of highly regarded experts at his disposal.

We are dedicated to paying close attention to every little detail concerning the valuation and division of property. Financial records, credit reports, IRA’s, 401K’s, pensions, other retirement programs, mortgages, car loans, real estate values, business values, cash, stocks and bonds, are a few of the properties that need to be attended. Pete Roush has ten years of experience tackling these issues.

During the pendency of your Divorce, Pete Roush, and the staff at the law firm of Roush & Stilz, will keep you informed of every aspect of the property located, the value of that property, and how that property may or may not affect your current situation. Pete Roush will work vigorously to make sure your rights are protected and your property share is accounted and divided appropriately.

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