If you are in the beginning, middle or end of a divorce or involved in custody dispute you have rights concerning the custody and visitation of your children. Under Kentucky law, child custody, support and visitation can be revisited at anytime. Attorney Pete Roush will fight for your to maintain your rights to custody and visitation with your children. He understands that the best interest of you children is what you want.

You need an attorney with experience in custody settlement and litigation. You need an attorney who knows how to properly calculate child support. You need an attorney who will ensure that you have the parental visitation that you are entitled. Pete Roush has that experience and is ready to advocate for you and your rights.

Child custody and parental visitation requires a long term approach to meet the goals of the changing dynamics of family life. Pete Roush has the experience creating consensus in long term settlements to the most important issues facing parents that is the child custody and parental visitation. A child custody/visitation agreement should be one that will last not one that requires continuous court litigation. Pete Roush has the strategy, negotiating skills, and experience to obtain long-term solutions.

Pete Roush will not only advocate for your rights, he will also explain the process, the differences in legal custody, physical custody, joint custody, sole custody, shared parenting and actual parental visitation. It is his goal to make the transition one that is free of misunderstandings and misgivings.

Family court exists to resolve divorce, child custody and visitation disputes. However, if you do not want an unfamiliar, impartial arbiter such as a judge to decide how you will be living, the law firm of Roush & Stilz, will seek common ground with your former spouse.

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