Divorce is usually an emotionally charged event with lifetime consequences. The issues are complex and different in each and every case. Pete Roush has experience in dealing with any issues that may appear in your divorce. The Law Firm of Roush & Stilz is committed to protecting our client’s rights through strong advocacy and sound legal advice.


If you are unable to come to an agreement on one or more issues involved within a divorce it is called Contested. If a divorce is contested it usually means that the Court or a Judge will be making many of the final decisions. When this happens you lose your ability to control the special issues that may be part of your divorce. Going before the court should be the last resort in any Divorce action. Also, litigation or taking a divorce action before a court will usually be more expensive and time consuming. However, if there are issues that cannot be resolved, Pete Roush will advocate strongly for your position and your rights. He is experienced in litigating contested actions.


If you and your spouse are able to resolve all issues associated with your divorce this is called an Uncontested Divorce. An uncontested divorce can be a relatively easy process with both parties agreeing on the details of the divorce and submitting the necessary paperwork. In fact, if the parties are in agreement, then only one attorney is required to prepare the legal documentation. The other party may then take the documentation to be viewed by another attorney or can agree to the contents. If this occurs, then the case can proceed on a quicker pace and only one of the parties will have to appear in court. New Family Court rules even allow for certain Uncontested Divorces to be done by deposition (sworn testimony).

At our law firm we are dedicated to keeping your legal expenses to a minimum while ensuring that all legal requirements are met and exceeded.

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